NIL Zigaretten müssen bleiben!

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2011-04-15 11:53

Die schönste Schachtel der Welt! Da höre ich lieber auf statt eine andere Marke zu rauchen.


2011-04-16 10:25

Hello dear,
How are you and your health which is the most important in life,
my regards to your family and friends over there.
My name is angel. I was impressed to invite you for a private
discussion after my random and intensive search for a trusted and honest person. I will like to demand your trust and sincerity as a friend, and a partnership from you and also know more about you, your country and culture, (
i will also like to seek your advice too. I think we
can help each other.I will send you my details with my pictures after you have replied to my email.( I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours lovely angel



2011-05-07 16:59

Seit 15 Jahren rauche ich meine NIL und ich will sie weiter rauchen.



2011-09-22 19:47

Muss einfach bleiben. Tolle Marke!



2011-10-28 13:11

Nil ist die Marke ohne Schnick schnack

#31 Nicht die älteste..

2013-05-17 16:02

Die älteste deutsche Zigarette ist immernoch Eckstein no.5