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2979ECF3-0E5A-4B59-968F-40805FA8C68D.jpegDaniel Israilov should not appear as a VV-artist at the VV-underground in Washington! In a public social media he slanders the genocide that happened in Gaza. An artist should be human for all people, he should recognize a community and show himself for solarity for everyone! Daniel Israilov recently showed the opposite and claimed that pro-Palestinians who protest against genocide and the murder of children are all spreading fakes and the number of deaths is a lie! This is simply in poor taste for the deaf community and they don't want him to appear on the VV Underground! We're boycotting it and that's why we're petitioning the organizers so that Daniel shouldn't perform! We detest people who say it's not genocide! If he performs at the VV-underground, the organizer is supporting the genocide!

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