Novellierung des Deutschen Tierschutzgesetzes

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2017-05-09 22:08

I will sign. If the Germans had glass walls on slaughterhouses they wouldn't eat meat as much or even not at all. It should be made a law to treat the animals humanely at least before you kill them to fill your stomachs. Gigi Middlebrook, USA


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2017-05-10 22:53:35

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 Hi Gigi

Then just have a look in US animalshelters

Because of irresponsible owners every day innocent pets (cats, dogs, smaller pets) get murdered without sedation with pentobarbital due heartsticks or gas chambers. Did you know? That's a real crime. Just watch for expl:

Pls help advocating #deathrow pets via Twitter and Facebook #endBSL #noKill