More than a year ago, Instagram added a  second publication  channel to its user interface alongside the regular image feed: Instagram Stories. The content published here is only  visible for 24 hours  and has so far only been displayed in the app. Anyone who is inclined to occasionally switch to the larger screen instead of the smartphone has often been disappointed by  Instagram's browser interface.

The Instagram website was ideal for just viewing and liking, but all other functions were severely restricted. Recently, however, Instagram Stories can also be viewed from the desktop. After logging in to the Instagram website, they appear in a column to the right of the regular feed. By clicking on one of the listed stories, a full-screen view of the respective story opens automatically. Just like on mobile devices, Instagram Stories run automatically one after the other. Those who want to speed up this process or want to return to the previous story can use the arrows placed to the right and left of the view. A hero click on the story will freeze the view. With the inclusion of Instagram Stories in the browser version of the website, it has become much more attractive for the end-user. However, many functions are still missing.

The following functions are  (now)  available in the browser version: Viewing posts in the image feed and on individual user pages, liking and commenting on these posts, saving posts in your own collection, looking at your own collection, viewing Instagram Stories. As before, the following Instagram functions cannot be used in the browser version: posting posts, viewing and sending messages. viewing your own links on images, the reaction to stories in the form of emojis or messages.  

What else is new on Instagram?

Instagram Live with friends Polls in Instagram Stories Run Instagram Stories ads In short: surveys in Instagram Stories It has recently been possible to create  polls  in Instagram Stories. You can provide information about the opinion of your own followers on vital decisions, such as choosing a dessert or the next reading, but also on less dazzling topics. They move between a nice gimmick and an easily accessible market research tool. Creating surveys in Instagram Stories is  simple  and takes  little time  to implement. The survey template is added in the form of a sticker to an already recorded  video or photo . By default, the fields of the survey sticker are filled with the answer options  Yes  and No. However, these can be replaced by the user with any other text or  emojis . Instead of just letting them expire or swipe away, viewers of Instagram Stories can now tap one of the buttons instead. Following this selection, the followers see the result of the survey so far in the form of a  bar chart with percentages . However, you cannot see how many people have taken the survey so far. The user who created the poll in Instagram Stories can see in their  Instagram Stories Insights  which followers voted and how.

To call them up, open your own story and tap on the screen for the desired stories element, and swipe up at the same time. Instagram Stories polls are a  simple and fun tool  to collect short-term opinions on specific topics. In the first few days after the launch, Instagram Stories were flooded with surveys. After the initial excitement, usage has now significantly flattened out, and they—like hashtags and @mentions before them—have entered the everyday potpourri of Instagram Stories. The polls in Instagram Stories  offer companies a new way  to directly interact with their followers. In the future, the surveys could be used, for example, to vote for followers on new product features and thus allow them to become part of the creation process.  

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