Preise Saisonkarte Paragleiter Gerlitzen 2019

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Closing the petition

2019-04-10 14:11:44

Pettion succesful,so I guess we dont nedd it online anymore :-) thanks everyone!!!!

Christina Vrampe, Benedikt Skok

Thanks everyone!

2019-03-27 10:57:10

Big thanks to everyone who supported this petition! I think we were succesful only due to the fact that so many people supported us!!!

Christina Vrampe, Benedikt Skok

Änderung der Preise für Saisonkarte 2019

2019-03-27 10:48:53

hey everyone! I am happy to announce that our petition was succesful! The cablecar company has reviewed the new prices and has now changed the prices again. For the summer 2019 there will be the option of a normal standard season pass for 286 without vip entrance. Sure, its 100 euros more than the year before, but I think this is a reasonable increase for the product you get. I think we can be happy that the cablecar was so cooperative and should all be happy that we can enjoy another summer at gerlitzen for a reasonable price! The contact with the cablecar company was very positive and friendly and I said thank you in the name of all pilots for their cooperation and that we are happy to have them as a partner of our sport by our side....So lets all look forward to a great summer and see you all soon

Christina Vrampe, Benedikt Skok

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