I feel that this show is very important for many people, including myself, because the stories told in each season make people who might be suffering alone feel seen, as well as raise awareness of issues of which people might have been ignorant prior to watching.
In general, the show is well-made and well-written, with likeable and relatable characters, and a true joy to watch. It would be a pity if the show were cancelled for no reason other than low viewership. I feel there are many more heartfelt, funny, interesting, and eye-opening stories to be told. Druck is important and valuable to its target audience, and the remarkable hard work and talent of the writers, actors, and all those involved in production is very much recognised and appreciated by people all over the world (whose viewership unfortunately cannot be counted for certain reasons, but if it could, then this show would indubitably be a mainstream cultural phenomenon much like its Norwegian predecessor).
Um...thank you for reading all that, if you did. I don't know where it came from either. Have a nice day.

L V (Kyiv, 2021-05-25)


Cause druck is my life

Beda Norén (Malmö, 2021-05-27)


ich unbedingt Staffel 7 mit Ismail als Main Character sehen will!!!!!

Jae D. Sawyer (Würzburg , 2021-07-03)


Sandro Julian

Sandro Julian (Amsterdam, 2021-07-10)


I sign because I love this series so much <3 <3

Nguyễn Trang (Hà Nội, 2021-07-17)


ich es weiter sehen will

Sebastian Ksinsik (Berlin, 2021-07-20)

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