Appeal against the Qm2 decision



Its unfair to base it on bonus points on quizzes since many people do not study that very hard for it. Besides that, they were almost or as difficult as exam questions, so this is another reason why it is unfair to base the exam pass on the scores of the quizzes. The quizzes weren't mandatory as well, so many people didn't have to try as hard, since it is mainly practise. At least lower the required points to pass to make it more reasonable. Thank you.

Hailang Zhou (Herten, 2020-06-22)


I passed the first sit and they are going to fail me cause of the quizzes

Juan Estevez (Maastricht , 2020-06-22)


The decision to cancel QM2 exam its unfair and totally wrong

Jaime Rodriguez de ledesma (Madrid, 2020-06-22)


I am signing because I do not agree on the fact that our final grade should be base in quizzes, as most of students took the quizzes without knowing that this would determine our final grades. Knowing it was very important we would have worked more on it.

Manon Dufour (Liege, 2020-06-22)


Not fair that we pay for a fault you commit

Marine De Cocquéau (Huy, 2020-06-22)


Because this is not a way to handle such a situation. If you tell students that the quizzes won’t affect their passing, you cannot change this in hindsight.

Julia Strothmann (Bad Iburg, 2020-06-22)


I’m a second year student of IB, and I struggle a lot with Qm! So, I studied really hard for this exam and I passed with only one point. I worked immensely hard to pass, and to hear now about an invalid exam is not done for me. There were a lot of students who did the exam in a fair way, the exam was hard because of the high speed! There was even no time to communicate...

Oliver Clerckx (Wilrijk, 2020-06-22)


I believe it is unfair to the students who spent night and day for weeks to prepare for the QM2 exam that their results are declared invalid because the randomization implemented by the university failed. It was never stated that participation in quiz sessions were mandatory so they should not be used to evaluate whether a student passes the course, especially if they already passed the exam.

Laetizia Hellmeister (Maastricht, 2020-06-22)


I focused my learning on QM2 because I knew I could get A good grade in this subject. So I did and Therefor I neglected other subjects. Now I don’t want my only good grade in the summer to be declared as invalid.

Hubertus Raitz von Frentz (Munich , 2020-06-22)


The university has shown poor decision making. Students should not have to bleed for personal mistakes made by staff. Furthermore, the new way of grading is probably worse than the current exam.

Bart Smedts (Baarlo, 2020-06-22)


I sing because I first passed qm with a 6 and now I failed because of the quizzes rule.

Lotte Ruisaard (Maastricht, 2020-06-22)


I am signing this because I am a student at Maastricht University, SBE faculty and I strongly stand with my fellow students against the not fair grading in QM2 exam.

Tia Pihač (Maastricht , 2020-06-22)



Deniz Tombak (Maastricht, 2020-06-23)


it doesn't make sense because even in the quiz tutorials students cheated as well, so there 'skills' provided in the quizzes are biased too. Another point is, that passing the quiz and attending those tutorials were not mandatory, so even that shows that no skills were provided. thirdly, if someone got 14 points for the first three quiz tutorials and not attending the fourth one doesn't seem fair, if they get the additional 4 points to pass. because every next quiz is becoming more difficult to solve it is even more absurd to successfully get 4 points.

Betissa Dietrich (Maastricht , 2020-06-23)


I passed the exam by myself, but because of this decision I would not pass this course. Some of us were not able to attent all of the tutorials, which also was not mandatory, which makes it unfair to base the pass/fail results only on the quizzes.

Aafke Delissen (Maastricht, 2020-06-23)


Students should not suffer disadvantages due to mistakes made by the university.

Ria Erkens (Oirsbeek, 2020-06-23)


I’m signing this petition, because I’ve made absolutely no use of any kind of communication and/or other ‘cheating methods’. In addition, there wasn’t even enough time to communicate, in my case, due to the very short time period for each part. Lastly, I didn’t know until after the exam that the questions were in the same order for all the student. Therefore I’m now at a disadvantage, while I didn’t even cheated and passed my exam in the first place!

Adriënne Vijverberg (Maastricht, 2020-06-23)

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